Wormhole J125016

Information for J125016 wormhole.

J125016 is a class 3 with a Cataclysmic Variable effect. J125016 has the following known celestial objects: 1 Secondary Sun, 1 Sun, 8 Planets, 17 Moons.
Wormhole Exit Types

Type Class Max Age Max Mass Jump Mass
Celestials for J125016

StarSun K5 (Red Giant)
Unknown AnomalyCataclysmic Variable
IPlanet (Barren)
I - Moon 1Moon
IIPlanet (Temperate)
II - Moon 1Moon
IIIPlanet (Lava)
III - Moon 1Moon
IVPlanet (Barren)
IV - Moon 1Moon
IV - Moon 2Moon
VPlanet (Gas)
V - Moon 1Moon
V - Moon 2Moon
V - Moon 3Moon
V - Moon 4Moon
V - Moon 5Moon
VIPlanet (Temperate)
VI - Moon 1Moon
VI - Moon 2Moon
VI - Moon 3Moon
VIIPlanet (Temperate)
VII - Moon 1Moon
VII - Moon 2Moon
VIIIPlanet (Temperate)
VIII - Moon 1Moon
VIII - Moon 2Moon
Wormhole Effects for J125016
Class 3 Cataclysmic Variable
0.73Repair amount multiplier
0.73Shield transfer amount multiplier
1.55Shield repair multiplier
1.55Remote repair amount multiplier
1.55Capacitor capacity multiplier
1.55Capacitor recharge multiplier
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